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The MAD Blog


This is where we love to share thoughts, ideas, experience and information to help build you and your Business!


Adding value is a vital component of assisting people Grow in Life and in Business! We have got to share with others and input positively into their future development


After all, someone got alongside us over the years and shared their knowledge, wisdom and input and helped us get where we are!


We hope you enjoy our ramblings and musings from the MAD people!

Priorities Grow your Business!

By Jaz Greer, May 20 2016 01:32PM

We are used to new year resolutions in January, you know the things we promise ourselves we are going to do for the rest of the year, but in actual fact they normally have fallen off the face of the earth by the time February come around!

One of the reasons why they are so short lived is because we are not used to setting or keeping priorities and as such we get pulled all over the place because we are not focussed on our priorities.

Priorities help us to focus our minds, time, resources and energy in a given direction that once you have done this for six weeks (the time it takes to create a new habit) it becomes second nature and you start to feel the benefits of your discipline and reap your rewards!

In Business we are in need of being very focussed and knowing our priorities because there is also money at stake! You cannot grow a Business if you do not set, keep and see through your key priorities.

So, today why not have a think about your priorities in your Business, draw up a six week plan on achieving these priorities and stick to it - you can do it, feel it and receive the benefit!

Contact us if you need support with identifying and setting your priorities for your Business and chat to us about our mentoring service to help you be accountable for your Business Success!

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